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3+ Baby Registry Checklists Template

Free and Simple Baby Registry Checklists Template for Baby Shower Party

Are you going to have a baby? Or is your friend holding a baby shower party? A baby registry checklists template should be on your hands then. Welcoming a baby is certainly one of the best moments in life. However, preparing items for a baby registry can be a bit exhausting and confusing. As listing the baby products, make sure those are something that will be needed for the little one.

Sample First Baby Registry Checklist

Things You Should Know About Baby Registry

Before creating your own baby registry checklist, it’s better for you to understand first about the baby registry. A baby registry is a kind of list consisting of baby items for the preparation of baby’s birth. Any items you need can be listed on the checklist. This checklist normally will be shared in the baby shower party. Therefore, the guest can decide what items should be given for baby presents.

Best Time to Create Baby Registry Checklists Template

Some of you may wonder when actually the best time to make this checklist is. Mostly, people will make their baby registry checklist as the gender of the baby already predicted. Otherwise, early pregnancy or second trimester probably can be the best moment. When it comes to the baby registry checklist, make sure to list the products from the important ones.

Newborn Baby Products: Buy or Bye

A listing for a baby registry, make sure to list all the needed products only. If this is your second or third baby registry, then you probably do not need a lot of new products. It is better to check from the previous baby stuff, whether it still can be used or not since some products like a baby stroller, toys, or crib are still safe to reuse.

Bedding Items for Baby

Just like we know that newborn baby sleeps a lot. Therefore, giving bedding items as a present can be a good option. Make sure choosing baby-friendly products, so the baby can be comfortable using it. Here some bedding item list:

  1. Crib
  2. Blanket
  3. Bedding set
  4. Waterproof mattress
  5. Pajamas

Baby Feeding Items

In the baby shower, feeding items becomes another item that mostly given by the guest. Feeding items surely becomes necessary whether the mommy plan is doing bottle-feed or breastfeed.

  1. Breast pump
  2. Nipple pads and cream
  3. Breast milk freezer/container bag
  4. Baby bottles
  5. Bottle brushes
  6. Nursing bras / dress

Bath Gear for Newborn Baby

When it comes to baby bathing, make sure to choose the baby-friendly products only. Avoid buying non-baby products since the infant has very sensitive skin. Here’s some stuff that should be added baby registry checklists template.

  1. Baby bath-up
  2. Baby bath set (shampoo, soap, lotion, etc.)
  3. Washcloths
  4. Bath toys
  5. Soft towels

Sample Little Baby Registry Checklist Sample Baby Registry Checklist For Twins

Welcoming baby’s arrival can be both fun and exhausting, including when making a baby registry checklists template. However, using the checklist is actually very useful both for parents and the guest. It will help you manage what items should be prepared for the baby. Besides the above items, you also can give other baby stuff such as baby clothing, medical aids, baby’s diapers, or nursery items.

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