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7+ Automobile Bill of Sale Template

In buying and selling vehicles, you need a document as proof of verification. This document is referred to as an automobile bill of sale. In some countries, the issuance of bills must be done as a sign of agreement between the seller and the buyer. Here is a way to write the bill.

Sample automobile bill of sale template with notary

The Date of Automobile Bill of Sale

The issued bill must include the date of sale. This date is not when you decide to sell the car, but when the transaction is made. This will clarify when the item is transferred to the new owner.


Adding a description is the part that you must do. Write everything in full, starting from the size, color model, mileage and also the plate number. The description must match the actual conditions at the time of the transaction. That way, there is no understanding between the two parties.

The price

You can use two methods when advertising your automotive items. First, you write the fix price that must be paid by the buyer without any bidding process. Second is to put a price range on the condition of negotiations with the buyer. But when the bill has been issued, the price must be in accordance with the agreement between the two parties.


If your car is still under warranty, this will usually be a plus in the eyes of the seller. That is, your car is still new and does not require maintenance. If the warranty has expired, you need to ensure that the condition of the item is worth selling. Buyers may ask for certain guarantees if there are conditions that do not match the description on the bill.


Besides the description, you also need to include a complete identity between the seller and the buyer. The automobile bill of sale must also explain the name, full address, ID number and contact number. After filling in completely, each party must also provide a signature on the bill.

Sample automobile bill of sale template

Tips of Selling Vehicle

  1. Fix any issues

Before selling the car, make sure you check all the vehicles in detail. Find out what problems have happened to the vehicle and try to have all the issues fixed. Cars in problematic conditions make buyers reluctant to buy a vehicle. This can also reduce the price of your expectations.

  1. Have the report

Prospective buyers tend to choose vehicles that have reports. You should prepare the report well. In addition to seeing the car both in terms of exterior and interior, the report will describe in more detail about the condition of the vehicle. Make sure all maintenance that has been done is recorded properly.

  1. Sale in competitive price

Before advertising a vehicle, you should find out how the price of your vehicle on the market. This prevents losses from selling too cheap or putting prices too high. Customize the brand, model and year of purchase. You can put a price a little more expensive when the conditions are still very good.

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Automobile bill of sale needs to be prepared after you decide to sell the car. After advertising or posting it on e-commerce, you should become a fast-response contact. Prepare files that support the transaction so that the transaction is smooth. Perform transactions with the authorities if necessary.

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