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8+ Auto Bill of Sale Template

Purchasing automotive goods requires a bill as proof. This template is referred to as an auto bill of sale. This document verifies that you have purchased items such as motorcycle, car, or truck. After you hold this bill, the goods legally belong to you. The following information must be stated in the bill.

Sample Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template Free Download

Seller and Buyer Information

Both parties must include complete and correct information. In addition to the name, they must also provide an address that matches the resident ID or passport. In addition, information that may be needed is a contact number. When needed, one party can sue or file complaints easily.

Item description

Automotive goods that are transacted need to be clearly described. Because automotive goods, of course, details follow specifications, serial number, ID number, size, color, model, and its design. The previous owner might re-design or modify, so this also needs to be conveyed in detail on the auto bill of sale.

Sample Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template Free Download

Identification Number

Every automotive item must have a vehicle identification number. This number is issued by the state and has a certain validity period. You need to take care if the plate number has expired. Recording of numbers must be done properly and follow the supporting files issued by the authorities.

Auto Bill of Sale Date

The date when the transaction is made needs to be recorded in a bill. During the transaction, maybe you need to do it in front of the authorized official. This is to prevent violations of the law that could occur in the future. Write the date when you definitely made the purchase accompanied by supporting data.

Sample Movable State Bill of Sale Template Download

Amount and Payment Method

The content that must be contained on a bill is the price the buyer must pay to the seller. The amount must be in accordance with the agreement between the two parties. In addition to the amount of money, both parties must also agree on a payment method. There are various methods that can be done such as cash, credit, or transfer.

Tips to sell Your Auto

  1. Price

Before selling, you need to research first. You can come to the showroom or visit e-commerce to do a price comparison. Vehicles of the same type may have different detailed specifications. Determine the right price range so that you enter the competitive market zone.

  1. Make them clean

Clients will give a certain rating when looking at your vehicle. Make sure that the condition is clean and not messy. Before entering the sales market, vacuum and wash to the detail section. If there are parts of the machine that need repair, you should take it to the garage first.

  1. Place to sell

You can rely on the internet to make sales. Use ads on search engines with certain demographics, so they can reach more audiences. You can also use websites that specialize in buying and selling automotive. Another way is to offer to the car lovers community that you have if your vehicle is categorized as rare.

Sample Printable Blank Auto Bill of Sale Template Download Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale Template PDF Format Download Sample Alberta Equipment Bill of Sale Sample Carscom Vehivle Bill of Sale of Car Sample Editable Generic Auto Bill of Sale PDF Download

After you get a client who will buy, make sure the auto bill of sale has been prepared beforehand. If you have reached a transaction agreement, you and the client can mutually fill information in the bill. Make sure the information is included in full so that there are no misunderstandings.

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