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8+ Audit Checklists Template

A Guide to Create a Professional Audit Checklists

Working as an auditor surely becomes a challenging and tough job. Since it is dealing with money, you surely need to focus on reviewing the financial data. When it comes to audit, some auditors use an audit checklist to help them identify financial accounts and verify the audit process, so it can be done precisely. By using this checklist, you also can manage and organize the audit plan in a more efficient way.

Sample Legal Audit Checklist

What is the Audit Checklist?

Just like its name, the audit list is a kind of template that is used for audit planning and audit process. Many auditors use this checklist to identify and review the problems of certain financial accounts. Also, the audit list is very useful to highlight important things, such as audit plans, annual budgets, and others. However, as creating your checklist, make sure to highlight the important information.

How to make a checklist for the audit?

  1. Pick your own template. Today, you can easily download the audit list template on the internet. A lot of templates are available in different formats, styles, and designs.
  2. Highlight the important data. As creating an audit checklist, there will be several data that should be added to your template. Make sure needed information like date, annual budget, audit leader, notes, or audit process is on the list.
  3. Customize your template. Some templates on the internet are free to customize. You can customize it by adding subheadings related to audits like input and output process, client feedback, or process performance.

Checklist for Payroll Audit

When it comes to the checklist for the audit, the payroll checklist becomes a template that mostly used by HR. This one provides data related to the payroll process and system to avoid data entry inaccuracies.  There are several important information on the payroll template, such as employee data, benefits, performances, labor issues, or compensation.

Sample Safety Audit Checklist Template

Internal Audit Template Checklist

Internal audit relates to annual audit planning. This checklist will provide important information like audit findings, audit evidence, internal audit reports, and others. Moreover, some auditor also adds other relevant things such as customer surveys, quality management process, internal audit team, or client meeting.  Commonly, ISO 9001 is mostly used for internal audits.

Monthly Financial Audit

This audit checklist provides several data related to monthly financial audits. This one is more focused on certain areas like fixed assets, expenses, liabilities, investments, and others. The monthly financial checklist mostly used by the finance team to evaluate the balance report of outcome and income. Therefore, the result can be valid and precise.

Safety Audit List Template

Another popular checklist in the audit is a safety template. This provides several questions related to safety conditions in the workplace. Safety audits will be very helpful in reviewing the safety criteria in a certain area, whether it meets the safety standard and regulation or not.  Emergency systems, safety facilities, safety systems are becomes something that must be listed on the template.

Sample Schools Audit Checklist Sample Supplier Audit Checklist Sample Facility Equipment Audit Checklist Template Sample HR Audit Checklist Template Sample Internal Audit Checklist Sample Sample Internal Audit Financial Checklist

Creating a checklist template for an audit can be very useful to help you handle the tasks. By having your own audit checklist, you can be easier to evaluate the tasks. Even nowadays, printable and customizable checklist templates are free to download. Now, you can just pick your own and customize it based on your audit needs.

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