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4+ Army Memorandum Template to Convey Formal Message and Instructions

Actually, the task of the army is not only fighting on the battlefield. However, some of them must stay at the office for administrative tasks. If it is your job desk, you have to know an expert to write an army memorandum template. It is because you will use it to send the memo for the officer, head of another unit section, and the junior.  Nevertheless, writing the memorandum template for the army differs from the other memo. You must make it informal form with the relevant information.

Army Memo templates

8 Samples of the Army Memorandum Template

The army memorandum template becomes the best and useful message tool for many reasons. You may use it to convey a message, instruction, announcement, and the rest. Looking for the right design on the internet will get the editable and downloadable template. You can do it with free website or premium where both are good. Besides that, the template comes in easy use along with the guidance and the simple formats. For more information, see 8 samples of the army memorandum below:

  1. Template Sample of Army Memorandum in Word format
  2. Professional Memo Template
  3. Word Memo Template
  4. Official Memorandum Template
  5. Free Download Template for Army Memorandum
  6. Free Sample Template of Army Memorandum
  7. Free Template of Army Memorandum
  8. Sample Template of Army Memorandum

Army Memo templates

Select the memo template with editable service and you can redesign it alone. You are able to edit the logo, content, design, and make it more official.

How to create the Official Army Memorandum

In fact, an army should have a good capability in writing memo professionally. The army memorandum template does not absurd but it must be competence. To write the right memo, there are some steps to do such as the following:

  1. Use 1 inch of margin for the right and left side, top, and bottom.
  2. Header needs ½ inch for the top margin.
  3. Use Times New Roman font in 12 sizes, capital letter, and bold to type the army department.
  4. Push “Enter” and write the address or the part of department destination. Push “Enter” again and tell your department with 9 digits of ZIP code.
  5. You can use the template which has a letterhead.
  6. Extract the file of Unzip it after you finish to download.
  7. Save to hard drive.
  8. Confirm your organization.
  9. Change the letter to the lowercase and not bold.
  10. Type the date under the title
  11. Make the correctness of your text.
  12. Write “MEMORANDUM FOR” along with the name of the recipient in three under dates.
  13. Skip one line and write “SUBJECT” according to the instruction.
  14. Do “Enter” three times and start to write your memo. Use short sentences with the main idea and the reason you write it.
  15. Enter to end the message in five times

Army Memo Templat Example Army Memo templates Example

After that, there are some instructions to complete the army memorandum template. You have to enter your name, rank, position, and your signature. Use the black ink to write the memo. Add abbreviations and shortcodes passed in AR 310-50. Prevent hyphen and do not use the memo to contact family military or private business personnel.

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