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10+ Application Checklist Template

How to create a simple good application checklist template

A checklist is commonly used by people to help them organize things. Just like the application checklist template, for example. This one is truly helpful as you want to apply certain things such as retirement, job, school, and others. If you still have no idea how to make an application checklist. Here we’ve got you some tips and tricks.

Job Application Checklist


Steps to make Application Checklist

As creating an application checklist template, there are some highlight things that must be concerned. Check the below tips in order to make your checklist well-organized.

  1. It has to be specific

The application checklist has many variations, such as a checklist for the wedding day, scholarship application checklist, or retirement checklist. Make sure to specify which template that will be used.

  1. List all the needed items

Every application surely requires several data such as a copy of identity card, recommendation letter, and others. Make sure all the requirements listed on the template. Hence, you can see which document has not been completed.

  1. Make it simple

A checklist application should be simple but the detail. Make sure it contains all the important information, yet it is listed in a simple way. Therefore, you can understand it easier.


Job Application Checklist

The job application checklist template becomes one of the most often used templates. Many people use this one as applying for a job. A job application checklist mostly contains what items required to apply a job such as a degree certificate, copy of identity card, seminar or course certificate, or others.

Wedding Application Checklist

Holding a wedding surely can be a confusing thing. That is why you need an application checklist for this event. Several important things, such as vendor lists, guest lists, ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, must be listed orderly. If you think this is a bit confusing, you may hire a wedding organization to help you with it.


Scholarship application checklist

Are you planning to get a scholarship? You probably need to make an application list to make sure there are no single items missed. As creating a checklist for scholarship application, some important things like essays, letters of recommendation, degree certificate, TOEFL / IELTS / TOEIC, and visa are an important thing that should be listed.

Loan Application Checklist


Retirement Application Checklist

As making a retirement application checklist, make sure you think all benefits first and what kind of benefits that you get from the retirement. There are so many kinds of retirement, 1-month retirement, 1-year retirement, or over. List all of each benefit would be better. Besides, make sure to list the doc that should be submitted for retirement.


Weekly Application Checklist

Weekly application checklist normally used by an individual to keep their weekly activities organized and managed. You can list all your activities in one week, such as meeting with a client, house cleaning, hanging out with friends, and others on the list. Therefore, you won’t miss any single activity.

Mortgage Application Checklist Rental Application Checklist Volunteer Application Checklist Application Checklist for School Application Checklist for Software Application Development Checklist College Application Checklist Electronic Application Checklist

Nowadays, there is a lot of application checklist that you can easily get from the internet. As making your own template, make sure you aware of all the needed information. Hence, your application will be on the right track. Do not forget to pay more attention to making an application checklist for formal occasions such as job, scholarship, loan, and others.

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