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10+ APA Cover Sheet Template

A Glimpse on APA Style Paper Format

Writing papers is very common for college students. College students in certain majors usually are required to write papers in APA style. Those who take major in social science, for example sociology, psychology, anthropology, and education, must be familiar with APA style. But, if you are a new student, you may not be familiar with it yet. Therefore, you need to find out what APA cover sheet and its writing format is like.

Sample Template APA Cover Page Machine Free Download

How to Create APA Cover Sheet

The format of APA cover sheet is different from other paper covers. This cover sheet has certain elements. All of them must be typed in easy-to-read font. The recommended one is Times New Roman, 12 point. Moreover, they are double spaced and centered. Here are the elements of APA title page or cover sheet.

1.  Running head

The running head is a short title (maximum 50 characters including spaces) that is typed in all capital letters and located in the header, flush left. In writing it, you must not forget to write “Running Head:” as the prefix of the short title.

2. Page Number

The page number starts with 1 on this cover sheet. It is located in the header, right corner.

3. Title

The maximum length of the title is 12 words. It doesn’t need to be in italics or boldface.

4.  Name of the author

The name of the author is placed under the title. You must write your full name on this cover sheet but you don’t need to write your degrees or titles.

5.  Institutional Affiliation

Institutional affiliation is the place where you conducted your research. It is typed under your name

Samples of APA Title Page

If you are still confused in creating APA cover sheet, you can take a look on its samples. Those samples can be downloaded for free. It is also customizable and printable. Therefore, you can edit it easily by following its format. Next, you can print this title page.

Sample Template APA Cover Page Nursing

Writing Citations in APA Style

Once you get the title page ready, you can start writing your paper. In writing it, you need to follow the citations format in APA style. The citation in your APA styled paper must include the name of the author and the year of the book or journal publication.

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If you need more information about this APA style format, you can visit your college website. It usually provides you with detailed information about it. You can also ask your seniors or your lecturers about it.

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