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13+ Annual Report Template, Routine Agenda, 10 Template Designs

You just passed the end of the year and now it is January. Do you remember what your company usually held in the early of the year? Yes, right! You have to make a report for the work performed on the annual report template. The template will help you to report all of the events for one year in your company. With writing an annual report template, you are able to face an annual meeting too as the routine agenda successfully. Moreover, the report comes clearly and detail.

Annual Report templates Doc Format

Annual Report Template as the Routine Agenda in Company

The annual meeting is a routine agenda holding by all of the companies or organizations. Commonly, they do the meeting between January and March. Here, the employees primarily the related parts have to prepare the annual report template before the event came. Actually, the annual report itself is one of the vital documents must exist at the end of the year. Each organization should have it to report about the profit, loss, expense, work performance, and so on.

Doc Format Annual Report templates

Unluckily, many people do not understand how to start the report. Sometimes, they are only out of the target to fulfill the requirement. Indeed, the annual report must have the right content. They cannot write it carelessly because it should be according to the fact. Certainly, it includes you who get the response to finish the annual report.

10 Samples of the Annual Report Designs in Various Formats

Do not take it as the burden through your time to make the report limits enough. Nowadays, it has been numerous websites which are willing to serve you free. Besides that, they also provide many samples of the annual report template until 10 types:

  1. Annual Business Report Template

Download the template in Google Docs, Ms. Word, and Apple page. The size is in A4, US.

  1. Simple Annual Template Template

It is only available on Apple page and Ms. Word formats but the size is still similar to


  1. Annual Finance Report Template

The information is similar to the number 2.

  1. Annual Business Report Template in Words

Although it is in Ms. Words, you still can use it in the Apple page.

  1. Annual Sales Report Template
  2. NGO Annual Report
  3. Template for the Simple Annual Health and Safety Report
  4. Download template for the Annual Business Report on Google Docs
  5. Annual Fees Report

By the way, the size and the format of the number 5 until 8 are similar to the number 2. Meanwhile, it comes different in Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Apple Figures, and Apple pages.

  1. Printable Annual Report

It has Ms. Word and Apple pages format.  Format Annual Report templates Annual Report templates Format Annual Report templates 2016 Annual Report templates Annual Progrss Final Report Doc Format templates Annual Report templates Format Annual Report templates Doc Format 1 Annual Report TO Industry Format Annual Reports Presenting Your Successes templates Business Annual PPT Report templates Semi Annnual Report templates Excel Format

The other templates are Project Business Report, Business Management Report, Marketing Report Template, and Free Annual Finance Report. Totally, there are 39 designs of the annual report template. Complete the all designs on the internet and take according to the need of the company. Definitely, you will take many templates because the coverage of the company is large. Using online template is very advantageous where you will find all of the templates which is suitable for you faster. The point is you will make the report effective and efficient.

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