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8+ Acknowledgment Receipt Template

When you make a transaction, usually you will receive an acknowledgment receipt. This receipt is proof that there is a transfer or cash flow process. Although often regarded as an ordinary paper, acknowledgment receipt template is needed by businesses.

Delivery Receipt

Ordinary Acknowledgment Receipt Template

A template that is often used in B2B is declaration one. It contains a header with information including the date of receipt issued, company name and signature. In the contents of the declaration consists of transaction specifications about the second party that has successfully made a transaction. Then, the recipient also provides a signature, contact number and email address.

Deposit Acknowledgement

Cash Receipt Template

If the transaction is done in cash, then you need to make a cash receipt. The form is simpler because every information is included in the points. The scope of information includes date, number of receipts, receiver name, and also the amount of the transaction. This receipt requires the signature of the paying party accompanied by a stamp from the receiving agency.

Official Receipt Template

In a business, there is usually a need that must be purchased. Every purchase requires an acknowledgement receipt template as proof. This template sheet is similar to an invoice. The header of a sheet contains information from the party that issued the sheet. The rest are tables containing items purchased and the total amount. At the bottom is the signature of the seller.

Payment Receipt Template

Receipt is also referred to as payment receipt. However, the shape is similar to a letter because it is written in the form of paragraphs. Information written includes numbers of checks or receipts, date, the receiver, the favor, item supplied, with terms and conditions. This form is widely used for legal matters so it requires a signatory with seal.

Resume Acknowledgment

Not only limited to business, receipts can also be used for resume acknowledgment. This template was created by a human resource of a company. In this case, you are notifying that a resume has been received and is under review. You also ensure that an employee is accepted or not through further contact after the receipt has been received.

Payment Acknowledgement Receipt Template

Writing Tips

  1. Revise

If you are the party making the receipt, make sure that your client accepts the pre-filled templates. However, you should not put a signature first. This is a sign that the client agrees with the applicable terms of agreement and the information contained is completely correct. Revisions need to be made if there is incorrect data.

  1. It must be complete

Try that all business-related information or agreements are listed in the template. This prevents your client’s misunderstanding with the client. However, one template is generally only for completing one business. This relates to the date of purchase and number of receptions.

  1. Delayed

If B2B is done remotely, make sure you give a grace period for the client. The client may not immediately receive or read the template. The time given is at least two or three days, so that they can also check the contents of the receipt again.

Resume Acknowledgement Sample Receipt Bank Acknowledgement Blank Acknowledgement Cheque Acknowledgement

The professionalism of a business can be proven by the acknowledgment receipt template. This is a sign that the finances are well organized. Bill is not only used as proof of payment, but also notice. Choose a template that suits your needs and make your business neater by filing all receipts.

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