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6+ Accounting Manual Templates

Make Professional Financial Report Using This Accounting Manual Templates

What Is Accounting Manual?

Accounting manual is a set of rules, procedures, and policies that needs to be followed by the accounting. In this handbook, there are manuals to be followed such as job descriptions, sample forms and chat of accounts. This manual is typically used for new employees and refresher for the existing ones. Most companies will use the accounting manual template to make the handbook because it is easy and effective.


In this page, we provide you a list of accounting manual templates you can use for free, but before you use this, we have some quick information on how to make a proper accounting handbook.

Breaking Down An Accounting Handbook

The accounting manuals typically contain guidelines, procedures, accounting rules designed for companies or organizations which is developed internally. This is an effective rule for newly hired personnel. Besides, each manual for an organization to organization is different. It comes in different size and rules. However, there are some basic things will be included.

Four Basic Things of Accounting

In an accounting discipline, there are four basic rules to be followed which are Recording, Classifying, Summarizing, and Interpreting the data. The accounting reports should be distributed after prepared that should include a balance sheet, income statement, diagrams, funds, graphs, and accounting ratios.

accounting manual templates doc

Recording – This is the very basic phase of accounting that is also known as bookkeeping. You need to record all financial transactions which are written in a chronological and systemical way. The tools are usually used are the books and documents designed for recording financial flows. The accounting will also need to make ledhers, liabilities, assets, journals and other documents.

Classifying – This is a phase when you need to sort and group similar items according to its category and name. So, all the transactions are grouped in one place.

Summarizing – The step requires to summarize the data in certain periods such as monthly, quarterly and yearly. This data such be presented in an understandable format so it can be used by external and internal.

Interpreting – These concerns are more for financial data and decision-making. This will allows the accounting and other authorities to make judgments according to the data. This is also used for figuring out the future of the company.

What Is The Purpose Of Accounting Manual Template?

Whether it is a big or small business, it requires a proper financial report and should be made by the internal with notable procedures and controls. For small companies, creating this manual will take a lot of time, so our purpose here is to make your work easier. For a big company, this also saves time so you can focus on a more important aspect. bstfinaccountingmanual finance policies and procedures manual templates samplefinancialproceduresmanual mnnpcouncil statewideaccountingmanual

Our templates are available in all formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF. These templates are available for free and editable too. Now you can easily make daily, a weekly and monthly report in a proper way. So, why don’t you download and make your own handbook so your company can run smoothly?

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