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9+ New Employee Checklist Template

The hiring process can be a long and exhausting process for staff in the Human Resource department. Once getting a new candidate that fits the requirement of the company, the next crucial process is establishing a new employee checklist template. Below are some of the important parts of the welcoming of the new employee.

Sample New Employee Manager Checklist Template

Before The First Day

Before the first day, and HR staff should have completed all the paperwork regarding the new employee. A complete background check should be done prior to the hire. Next, the HR staff should review the schedule and job descriptions of the new employee. Afterward, they have to make sure that all team is ready to welcome the new addition and prepare for training.

On The First Day

On the first day of the new employee checklist template, an HR staff will officially introduce the new hire to the department they will work in. Thus, a general job orientation, office tour, and greetings from all departments should be conducted. The next step is reviewing all policies, including building rules, and the professional ethics of the company. The new hire should also settle with their desk and computer.

On The First Week

In the first week, the employee overall performance can be measured. The supervisor can start taking evaluations based on tardiness and performance. Afterward, new employee goals can be reviewed. The supervisor should also ensure that the new employee has known their duties and met all the staff they will be working within the nearby future.

On The First Month

The first month is crucial for new employment as it measures the fitness of the new employees. Supervisors and new employees should be able to review past assignments and upcoming assignments. If there is some training left, the supervisor needs to check that the training is going as scheduled. If necessary, a one on one meeting should be conducted to discuss the employee’s first month. In addition, payroll should also run smoothly.

Sample New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

On The First Six Month

After the first month is done, it is time to move on to the first semester. In the first semester, both HR and supervisor need to conduct a 6-month performance review. In this review, they establish whether the new employee has met the goals that were set before. Progress should be made, and feedback should be given. They also need to check that all the mandatory training has been completed.

On The First Year

On the last step of the new employee checklist template, a yearly performance review for the new employee should be completed by both the supervisor and a representative of the Human Resource Department. They should also ask new employees of how their first year of the company was like. The company can receive feedback and constructive criticism from the employee.

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All in all, the first year of new employment can be challenging for both the Human Resources Department and the new employee. The first year of employment set the tone for the rest of their time in their company. Thus, it is the duty of all parties involved to make sure that the new employee checklist template is running smoothly from day one of the employment.

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