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8+ Interview Sheet Template

The general method used for the selection process is interview. You meet with potential candidates and chat directly with them. As an interviewer, you need to prepare an interview sheet template. The template contains parameters for assessing candidates and recording summaries during the process.

Sample Interview Evaluation

Interview Sheet Template

1. Client Sheet

When you have new prospective clients, of course you have to do an interview. The form of the sheet can be in the form of a questionnaire that must be filled in completely and in detail. However, choose the points if you need. Some personal data includes name, address, place and date of birth, citizens, and etc.

2. Job candidate

Interview is a process that must be passed by prospective new employees. HRD usually can find out the ins and outs of prospective employees through this process. Sheets are usually in the form of a table about personal assessments such as work experience, education, skill attitude and appearance. The rest is a list of questions about the person and eligibility for the position.

3. Volunteer

A big event will require a lot of volunteers. In order to choose the right person, you need to make a selection through interviews. Start by asking about their identity, the activities being carried out and a number of other questions. Some of them are duties, work as challenges, training ever obtained and expectations for events.

How to Interview the Candidate

1. Prepare the parameters

The parameters are the standards that must be met by the candidate at least. Make a list of what they have to have, such as skill and experience. If a candidate has everything he needs, we can be sure they are suitable for the position. The parameters need to be made specifically.

2. Prepare the sheet

After determining the parameters, make a sheet interview. This sheet is used so that the interview process runs smoothly and the information does not go wrong. Write down what the candidate will ask. During the interview, you need to write down the points that they answer.

3. Ask specifics

In addition to education and experience, you need to ask specific things such as salary expectations. Do not let the candidate and the employer not have the same level about this. It could be that they want a high salary and you can’t afford it. If there is a miscommunication, maybe you will lose the employee in a short time.

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The smooth interview process is supported by the quality of the interview template sheet. If you make it specific, then the important things and details of the candidates will not be missed. A good interview results will produce employees with good ethics and a bright future for the company.

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