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4+ Best House Cleaning Checklist Templates

Create Printable and Best House Cleaning Checklist Templates for Cleaning Schedule

Doing home-cleaning is actually an exhausting activity, especially if you live in a large house. Even we sometimes ever forget to clean some areas or do certain activities. If this often happens to you, the best house cleaning checklist template probably could help you organize home-cleaning routines. Also, this one can be very useful as you need to get your home clean in a short time.

Sample Home Cleaning Checklist Template

House Cleaning Checklist Templates: Definition and Use

A home cleaning checklist is a spreadsheet that normally used as doing home-cleaning activity. This one will have several lists of home cleaning activities such as doing laundry, vacuuming, dishes washing, and others. All activities will be listed based on its schedule.  There will be a column where you can thick it as you already finished doing the activity.

Tips for creating the best house cleaning checklist template

These days, there are actually many best house cleaning checklist template that can be easily downloaded and edited on the internet. However, you need to highlight several things as creating the template.

  1. Create a schedule. House-cleaning can be different for some people. It can be every day, weekly, or once-a-month. It is better if you make your own schedule first before creating a checklist.
  2. Decide the room areas. List which areas in your house that needs to be cleaned. Is it the only living room and bedroom? Or kitchen, garden, and bathroom also included in the lists?
  3. Lists the home-cleaning activities. As listing the activities, it is better to write it based on the schedule and room areas. For example, you need to make bed daily for bedroom areas, and then you need to put make the bed on the bedroom and daily column.

Basic Areas of House Cleaning

In order to get a super clean house, make sure these areas do not miss in your best house cleaning checklist template. House cleaning can be exhausting and confusing, and even sometimes, you don’t know where to get started. Some important areas such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and lobbies become basic areas that should be added on the lists.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

The living room is one important area in a house since this will be a place where your family or guest gathered. Therefore, you need to make sure it is always clean and tidy. Several house cleaning lists for this area are vacuuming, clean the dust, mop-up, sweeping, changing pillow, and straighten books and magazines.

Sample House Cleaning Client Instruction Checklist

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

The bedroom becomes an area that needs to be cleaned daily. At least, put make a bed in your daily checklist. Meanwhile, for some activities such as a mop, empty trash, vacuum, and change bed linen can be added on the monthly checklist.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Besides the living room, make sure the bathroom becomes another room that must stay clean every day. Some activities, like cleaning the toilet bowl, wipe toilet seat, clean mirror, and wipe the sink, should be on a daily checklist. Meanwhile, you can empty trash, clean tub, and brush the toilet floor on the weekend.

Sample Workplace Housekeeping Checklist Template Sample 2 Hour House Cleaning Checklist Template

Creating a house cleaning checklist is truly simple, right? Even, nowadays there are many templates available on the internet. You can just download it and customize it as you like. It is better to print the template and stick it on the wall, so you can be always remembered to clean your house.

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