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20+ Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Free Download Hold Harmless Agreement Template for Any Kind of Business

What Is A Hold Harmless Agreement Template?

A hold harmless agreement is a written statement used as the legal contract that will absolve the involved parties in the responsibility of any injuries or damage suffered by the parties that are signing the contract. Some business will add this agreement to services or contracts that involve high risk and the companies or the business doesn’t want to be responsible for any risk financially or legally. However, this agreement is usually for harmful business.

Facility Usage Hold Harmless Agreement

So, if you want to include this agreement, a hold harmless agreement template will work very good for you.

How The Hold Harmless Agreement Template Works?

Our template is designed professionally for business. If you need this agreement you can download it for free on this page.

Generic Hold Harmless Agreement

The use of the template is for the high-risk activities like skydiving session will use this clause. By signing this agreement, at least of the party will not need to cover injuries and damages in business activities.

One of the examples of this agreement is the apartment lease. They might use the hold harmless clause explaining the landlord will not hold responsibility for any damage caused by the leases or tenants. Another example about the agreement such as a home owner who hire a roofer will request this agreement to protect any lawsuit in case the roof falls off. You can also find contractors will add this clauses to protect their business.

What Are The Type of Hold Harmless Agreement Templates?

We provide templates based on the type of hold harmless agreement template which is the following:

  • Broad Form – This type of agreement explains that the subcontractor is insured to all accidents, negligence from both contractor and subcontractor. However, many jurisdictions forbid this type of agreement.
  • Intermediate Form – The subcontractors assume negligence and accidents. It means the subcontractor will be responsible for their actions and will not be relied on the general contractor’s negligence or accidents. So, this type of agreement depends on who responsible for the actions.
  • Limited Form – The subcontractor will responsible for limited accident and negligence. So, they will only responsible for the proportional part.

When To Use The Hold Harmless Agreement Template

  • If someone will rent your property and you want to protect your business from liability.
  • You want to protect yourself from injury during the service
  • Participants who are joining risky activities in your business such as sports and others
  • You are hosting an event and you want to be protected from any accidents, damaged or injured participants

What Do We Need To Prepare Before Signing The Agreement?

  • The person or party who will sign the agreement is considered to be harmless.
  • The party or a person who provides protection
  • The type of protection that will be provided
  • The time frame Hold Harmless Agreement Hold Harmless Agreement Example Hold Harmless Agreement Sample Hold Harmless Agreement School Insurance Hold Harmless Agreement Medical Hold Harmless Agreement Mutual Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement Printable Hold Harmless Agreement templates Property Hold Harmless Agreement Real Estate Hold Harmless Agreement Adult Hold Harmless Agreement Automobile Hold Harmless Agreement Blank Hold Harmless Agreement Construction Hold Harmless Agreement templates Contractor Hold Harmless Agreement Donation Hold Harmless Agreement Employee Hold Harmless Agreement Event Hold Harmless Agreement

Keep in mind to write down the name of each party or the business clearly. Every basic information should be written clearly and detail.

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