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10+ Inspection Worksheet Templates

Inspection activities are not only carried out at home, but also at work. The purpose of inspections is usually to check whether assets have been properly maintained and there have been no violations. When doing this, you will need inspection worksheet templates. Here are a few templates that have specific goals depending on their needs.

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Inspection Worksheet Templates

1. Workplace Sheet

Before creating a table, you need to note a description of how inspection is done. Examples are the ultimate goal, recommendations from inspectors, and actions so that problems can be overcome. The table section is filled with problems found, supporting evidence, and possible solutions. Inspectors also need to write out safety and working conditions.

2. Kitchen Inspection

Inspections are often done at workplaces that have kitchens. The kitchen becomes a dirty and prone to safety problems. The parameters are certainly about the cleanliness and availability of kitchen utensils. In the first column are the items that are checked, the conditions, then the check column comments from the inspector. This examination is generally done suddenly.

3. Home inspection

You can also do this at home to check valuable items or assets. In addition to checking its existence, you will also find out whether the object is still suitable for use. Perform periodic inspections to decide whether you need maintenance or not. Start from the condition of the roof, vehicles, kitchen, and others.

The Purpose of Inspection

1. Avoid the Losses

This step is considered appropriate to avoid future losses. You can move faster to make improvements when certain problems are found. This process can save your budget, especially in the industrial sector. Enter the inspection into one of the regulations so that the company can reduce the risk of large losses.

2. Know the Quality

Not always assets and goods are durable, especially used actively for production. Some items may have very high prices so it is very difficult to make a sudden replacement. This potential can be reduced by conducting inspections. You continue to monitor the quality so that the risk of damage can be known early.

3. For safety and health

Assets in business are not only production equipment, but also employees and customers. They are a source of business, especially if they are loyal. Do not let you lose them due to fatal safety errors. Inspections need to be done regularly so that the product or work environment is guaranteed safe.

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You can avoid many big problems by conducting inspections. Start by creating a good inspector team from internal and external parties. Then create inspection parameters in a worksheet. You can evaluate using the inspection worksheet templates so that problems can be resolved early.

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